Up for a new challenge?

From optician to store director, from retail manager to intern: there are plenty of possibilities at Specsavers and Louis Nielsen. Visit the vacancy site of the country you want to work in, to find out more and to read why people love to work at Specsavers.

Click on the country of your choice:

Interested in running your own store?

If you already work for Specsavers, and want to take the journey to run your own store, you are ready for Pathway. This is an internal programme that develops and prepares you to become a Specsavers partner. Start your Pathway journey here by clicking on the button.

Are you curious to know where you can do your internship?

Specsavers and Louis Nielsen also offers help to optometry students to find the right store for an internship period(s) in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. We want to ensure that you get as much relevant and practical experience as possible, already during your student years.

If you want to know which of our stores is looking for an intern or more about what it means to do an internship in a Specsavers or Louis Nielsen store, please contact us: interns@specsavers.com.

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