“At Louis Nielsen I can fully focus on my profession”

An exciting place to work – that is how Louise Zuheros Vico describes working at Louis Nielsen. After her optometry study in 1998, she worked for several years at other optical chains, before moving to Mexico. When she came back, she found out that almost all her former colleagues worked at Louis Nielsen. “I thought: that must be a popular place to work, I have to work there too!”

Now she works four years at the Taastrup store and is still pleased with her choice: “I am happy to work here and like the way we do things. At the other chains, we had to do a lot of extra tasks, like ordering and glazing spectacles. Here I can focus on what I do best: testing the eyes of our customers and giving them the best sight advice as possible.”

Louise finds there is a big difference in the relationship stores have with the head office, between her former employees and Louis Nielsen. “At the other chains I worked for, you hardly saw or heard anybody from the head office. That is different at Louis Nielsen, where you actually know the people who work at the support office. They are close to the stores and know what is happening. It’s more like a family and we all have the same goal.”

Another point Louise likes about Louis Nielsen, is the way the business improves: “It is a fast-moving company, always looking for improvements to work more efficiently and professionally, and with clear goals of what to achieve. Every six months or so, something new comes up, for example retina photography service or working with iPads in stores. That is exciting and a real asset to the stores.”

Keeping up
What she really likes about the optical profession is that I can help people to get their eye sight back, and to guide them to the best solution for them. “That is why I chose to become an optometrist. At first, I really liked the combination of sales and testing eyes. Now I am happy that I can fully focus on testing eyes, because I find the clinical professional part much more interesting than the sales part.”

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