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Are you a member of the Green Club yet? There are many great benefits to the (free) membership:

  • You get access to an online library with many training modules and professional articles to stay up to date or to refresh your knowledge.
  • You can attend many different training courses (only for Specsavers employees); management and communication for personal development and clinical trainings to enhance your professional skills.
  • You will be able to view webcasts and webinars on various subjects, hosted exclusively for Green Club members. A fun and interesting way gather new information or enhance your knowledge.
  • You will stay up to date with the latest developments within Specsavers and also within the rest of your industry.

Who can join the Specsavers Green Club?

  • Qualified opticians, optometrists, contact lens specialists and CERT-4 optical dispensers.
  • Qualified audicians and audiologists.
  • Retail partners and managers with a CERT 4-certificate.
  • Students and graduates from all optical and optometry colleges and universities and those training to be audician or audiologist.

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