We’re happy to see you in this online learning space for optometrists! The content we want to share with you is not only relevant for senior practitioners, also students or newly graduated optometrists can make full use of it. On this platform, we have categorised all relevant content based on a specific topic, in this case: slit lamp.

Below you will find different types of content, varying from articles and videos to online learning modules. Feel free to take your time and go through all of them. Are you eligible for CET points? Our CET modules are accredited, so you’ll be able gain points if you’ve completed them.

Happy learning!

Extensive slit lamp guide

A slitlamp guide taking you through the anterior segment procedure step by step.

Mobile slit lamp guide

A slitlamp guide taking you through practical lightning techniques. This version is ideal for mobile use.

Assessment of the anterior chamber

This article provides an evidence-based review of assessment methods to effectively establish the risk of anterior chamber angle closure.

Anterior segment physiology and assessment

This unit of CET serves to remind the optometrist and contact lens optician of the general procedures involved when examining the anterior segment with a slit lamp and to highlight the wide range of physiological findings in order that pathological findings can be more readily distinguished.

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