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Recorded lecture: Maximising successful wear after a contact lens trial

This series of cases explores decision-making in relation to assessment and management of neophyte contact lens wearers who present with a variety of concerns during a contact lens trial.

Recorded lecture: Challenging contact lens aftercare issues

This series of cases explores decision-making in relation to problems presenting at contact lens aftercare appointments.

Recorded lecture: Right customer, right contact lens

This series of cases explores decision-making in successfully selecting and fitting appropriate contact lenses and advising patients who have potential barriers to contact lens wear.

Video lecture: Contact lenses

Key-note speaker Phil Morgan has spoken about contact lenses in depth at the Clinical Conference 2018. We have recorded this lecture - see below!

Occupational progressives

Many of the traditional visual corrections such as bifocals, progressive lenses and single vision readers do not meet the requirements of modern technology users. This has led, in recent years, to the creation of a range of spectacle lenses designed to meet those needs.

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