We’re happy to see you in this online learning space for optometrists! The content we want to share with you is not only relevant for senior practitioners, also students or newly graduated optometrists can make full use of it. On this platform, we have categorised all relevant content based on a specific topic, in this case: dry eye disease.

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Video lecture: Dry eyes (in Swedish)

In 50 minutes, Dr. Fredrik Källmark delivers a lecture on dry eyes. Both the video and his presentation are only available in Swedish.

Contact lens series – Part 2: Diagnosis and management of contact lens-related dry eye

The problem of dry eye in contact lens (CL) wear remains a significant challenge in modern practice. CL wearers commonly complain of discomfort at some stage, which is predominantly reported as ‘dryness, burning or stinging’ during wear, leading to CL intolerance as a direct consequence of dry eye.

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