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Diabetes and the eye: Part 1

This article discusses the epidemiology, classification, clinical presentation and management of diabetes melli- tus types 1 & 2. It explains the general medical management options, thus giving the community optometrist a greater understanding and appreciation of this complex and increasingly prevalent health problem.

Diabetes and the eye: Part 2

In this article, hospital optometrist Chris Steele, reminds eye care practitioners of the mechanisms by which diabetes can cause vascular disruption as well as the clinical features of diabetic retinopathy and how it is classified.

Diabetes and the eye: Part 3 not applicable for optometrists outside UK.

Diabetes and the eye: Part 4

This article explains clinical features of DMO and treatment options – from laser to anti- VEGF and intravitreal steroids, discussing NICE guidance on treatment and explaining the findings of clinical trials. This article promotes an understanding of the condition and evidence-base for treatment, so that practitioners achieve a better understanding, and therefore will be able to advise and refer patients according to current best practice.

Diabetes and the eye: Part 5

Co-existing diabetes and other eye disease can make diagnosis and decision-making more problematic, and treatment more challenging. This article provides a research-based exploration of co-existing eye disease in diabetics, and what the eyecare practitioner needs to know in order to make appropriate decisions for patient management, advice and referral.

Diabetes and the eye: Part 6

In this article the author takes an evidence-based look at factors that modify the rate of onset and progression of diabetic retinopathy or the development of visual loss owing to DR. There are a number of systemic conditions or other factors which can exacerbate or accelerate the course of diabetic microvascular and macrovascular disease which are discussed in detail.

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