Recorded lecture: Do’s and don’ts for visual-field testing during COVID-19

Thursday 18 June we hosted our fifth live session – this time about the do’s and don’ts of visual-field testing during COVID-19. If you’ve missed it, you can watch the 30-minute lecture back here.

Trine Johnsen (Head of Professional Advancement at Specsavers) hosted this Q&A session with Monika Fischer (Senior Market Manager Perimetry at Haag-Streit Diagnostics) and Åshild Martinsen (Professional Learning & Development Manager at Specsavers). They’ve answered questions like: What are the concerns about COVID-19 transmission when using cupola perimeters? How do you properly clean and disinfect the perimeter? And, how to perform a good visual-field test if the patient wears a face mask?

If you have any questions after seeing the recording, you can always ask them via or via our Facebook page. And, stay tuned on the Green Club website or Facebook to be the first to hear about future live sessions!

About Trine Johnsen

Trine is a trained optometrist and obtained a master’s degree in optometry from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. She ran her own locum business for five years which gave her extensive experience in optometry stores across Norway. Trine has also worked with the University of Oslo, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, and the University of Valencia, looking at the effects of antioxidants on ocular inflammation. After joining Specsavers in 2009, she established the Professional L&D Department in the Nordic countries, and the Specsavers Academy in Norway. Currently, Trine leads the Professional Advancement team in Northern Europe to build the professional reputation of Specsavers in particular, and the optometry industry in general, to ensure that customers throughout the region get high-quality eye care. Besides this, she is the current President of Synsinformasjon, the Norwegian Optometry organisation, and serves as a Board Member for the Optometry Association.

About Monika Fischer
Monika, MSc is the Senior Market Manager, Perimetry at Haag-Streit Diagnostics and one of the authors of the Visual Field Digest: A Guide to Perimetry and the Octopus Perimeter, which is on its 8th edition. Monika is the Octopus visual field expert at Haag-Streit and is responsible for all market and customer oriented visual field activities globally. She has a Master of Science in Biotechnology from the Swiss Federal Institute of Science and Technology and a Master of Advanced Studies in Marketing Management from the University of Basel. Prior to joining Haag-Streit Diagnostics, Monika worked in trauma product management at Depuy Synthes and dental implant product management at Straumann.

About Åshild Martinsen
Åshild graduated as an optometrist at Buskerud University College in 2006, and obtained a master’s degree in clinical optometry at Salus University in the United States in 2009. She has ten years of experience working as an optometrist in store and five years as a store manager. Åshild joined Specsavers in 2016 in the role of Professional Learning & Development manager in Norway, and has a been involved in projects like the perimetry rollout in Specsavers Norway, fundus training offer for optometrists, student courses and the graduate programme for newly graduated optometrists.

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