Optometry quiz: Test your knowledge

Always wondered how knowledge compares to other optometrists across Northern Europe? Or just interested to keep on learning?

The quiz, developed by Danish ophthalmologist Dr Danson Muttuvelu, will be available on the Green Club platform and will contain 15 multiple-choice questions on a variety of subjects. It will not only give you insight into your own knowledge level but also into the level of optometrists in your country and other Northern European countries, different age groups and years of experience. Of course, your results will only be visible to you and will be anonymous in the general results. The results will be shared with the optometry organisations in each country as it will give some interesting learnings on the variations of the knowledge levels, since it is the first time this is actually compared in our region. Make sure you stay tuned to the Green Club updates (are you a member yet? Sign up here!), as we will be sharing more interesting outcomes later on!

About the quiz

The multi-choice questions consist of a stem followed by 4-6 statements, each of which needs to be judged as ‘true’ or ‘false’. You could also opt for ‘don’t know’ if necessary. In total, 72 answers will be required.

At the end of the quiz, you will get your percentage, that you can then compare to:

  • All people who have completed the quiz
  • Your country
  • Your age group
  • Your years of experience

Your answers are scored as follows:

  • Each correct statement gives 2 points
  • Each incorrect statement gives minus 1 point
  • Each question left empty or answered with ‘don’t know’ gives 0 (zero) points.

You will first get a few general questions in English, then you will have the opportunity to complete the quiz in English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian or Swedish.

Good luck!

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