Sneak preview of Green Club knowledge quiz results

You might be one of the 482 optometrists from Northern Europe who have completed the Green Club knowledge quiz between May and November 2019. Now, we’re thrilled to share an insight into the preliminary results!

Good to know: the knowledge quiz is still online. If you haven’t completed it yet – don’t hesitate to do so before you read this article! You can find the quiz here.

The quiz is developed by Danish ophthalmologist Dr Danson Muttuvelu and consists of 15 different cases, each with 4-6 true/false statements, making for a total of 72 statements participants need to evaluate. Seventy-five per cent of participants completed the quiz within 100 minutes.

Highest average scores
Norwegian optometrists have the highest average score at 87.1 of 144 points followed by Swedish (81.5), Dutch (80.1), Finnish (78.3) and Danish (76.5) optometrists. The two highest-scoring participants are Danish and Finnish, both have a score of 142 points, followed by two Norwegian optometrists at 138 points! The highest scoring Dutch and Swedish optometrist respectively have 128 and 130 points.

Years of experience
Optometrists with less than five years of experience have significantly lower scores than those with 10 to 14 years of experience. Their scores are only slightly lower than those of optometrists with 5 to 9 years of experience. There’s isn’t a substantial difference between scores of optometrists with less than five years experiences and the scores of participants with more than 15 years of experience.

Participants with 10 to 14 years of experience are also the group with the highest average score of 87.5 points, followed by 5 to 9 years (83.9), 20 to 24 years (82.0), less than five years (78.2), 15 to 19 years (78.1) and more than 25 years (72.6).

When it comes to cases, the participating optometrists most often score correctly on chorioretinal lesions, entropion and binocular vision, and most often incorrectly on cases with optociliary shunt vessels, age-related macular degeneration and epiretinal membrane.

Look out for in-depth results from the quiz, and your own country’s results early next year in your local optical magazine! Of course, we’ll make sure to notify you on when it’s available.

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