Norwegian eye care professionals meet up, discuss and learn at local optometry event

Last month, Green Club hosted a clinical event in the city of Stavanger, southern Norway. The event was organised in close cooperation with Øyelegene AS, an eye doctor company from Stavanger, IFOCUS øyeklinikk, one of Europe’s leading refractive surgery clinics, and Théa Nordic, a global supplier of ophthalmology products. More than forty optometrists from the Stavanger area attended and caught up with fellow professionals, while listening to lectures from acclaimed eye doctors.

The event was kicked off by Jon Gjelle, Professional L&D Manager for Specsavers Norway. Jon gave a short overview of the historical development in the optometry field, which challenges lie ahead, as well as how important continuous education is and will always be to make sure all optometrists in our industry are prepared for the future.

Eye doctor and surgeon Kjell Gunnar Gundersen from IFOCUS øyeklinikk spoke about cataract surgery. The emphasis of his talk was on shared-care and the importance of optometrists to have knowledge of intra-ocular lenses and surgery options, so they talk about these options with customers and patients before they are referred to ophthalmologists.

This lecture was followed by a second eye doctor, Kaare Vigander from Øyelegene AS, who spoke about glaucoma and blood pressure and also highlighted the importance of shared-care and good communication between optometrists and ophthalmologists. Kamal Sandhu from Théa Nordic wrapped up the evening with information about their dry-eye product range.

After the event, there was enough room for the attending optometrists to ask questions and discuss. Feedback about the event was really positive – some attendants missed these local initiatives for a long time.

Good news for optometrists across the Northern European region – the Green Club will organise more of these local clinical events. Keep a close eye on the Green Club website, and make sure you are signed up, so you will receive an invite if there’s an event coming up.

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