“We have never regretted the choice to become part of Specsavers”

From a privately owned “high end” store to a Specsavers store: a big step for newly graduated optometrist Benjamin Ledang and his stepfather, then owner of the Namsos store, back in 2010. “Specsavers was our most feared competitor, and we weren’t very pleased of having them around. But we understood how strong the brand was and that becoming part of it, could give our store a turnover boost.” Now, five years after joining Specsavers, the increase in turnover is over 100%. “Needless to say, we have never regretted this choice!”

After finishing his optometry studies in Copenhagen, Benjamin Ledang couldn’t wait to get started working in the Namsos store. “Although I was excited to get started, I did see room for improvement: I felt that the store stood still. Our competitors were more or less offering the same concept and selling the same products, so it was difficult to grow without standing out from them.”

Ball started rolling
“Some of my study friends had taken their family stores over to Specsavers, and they spoke warmly about the concept. That’s how I started to think about this too. I must say, I was a little afraid to speak about this with my stepfather. I felt that just mentioning joining Specsavers was like cursing in the church. Besides that, he had to jump into a completely new concept after a lifetime of running his business privately! But luckily he is not afraid of changes and was very positive about the idea. So after I got in contact with the Specsavers support office, the ball started rolling.”

His stepfather was the one taking the decision to join the concept, as Benjamin didn’t have ownership in the business back then. Since 2015, Benjamin is the owner of the store and his stepfather has retired some time ago. “Five years after joining Specsavers, we have an increase in turnover of 100%, instead of the predicted 40%. Both my stepfather and myself have never regretted the choice to become part of Specsavers!”

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