How to minimise drop-outs and maximise success with contact lens wearers?

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Key-note speaker Phil Morgan speaks about contact lenses in depth at the Clinical Conference 2018

Eye care practitioners spend many hours of clinical time examining and fitting prospective contact lens wearers, only to see a significant proportion of them drop out. Often, this is relatively early in the contact lens journey and frequently customers will consult the web and friends rather than their practitioner.

At this year’s Clinical Conferences, Professor Philip Morgan will provide an approach for analysing our current knowledge of contact lens drop-outs, ensuring we get less of these drop-outs and more success in converting concerned wearers into happy customers. He will describe approaches of quickly addressing customer’s concerns with lens handling or other issues, lens selection, as well as targeting new wearers. Not only will this help you minimising the number of drop-outs, it will also improve the contact lens experience for your customers.

About Philip Morgan
Philip Morgan is a well-known name in the optometry world – and especially in the world of contact lenses. He is Professor of Optometry, Head of Optometry and Director of Eurolens Research at The University of Manchester, United Kingdom. His main research interests are the clinical performance of contact lenses and he teaches on the same subject area at undergraduate and post-graduate level. Additionally, he has managed an international survey of contact lens prescribing trends since 1996.

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