Green Club members attended European optometry conference in Croatia

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By completing a number of CET modules, viewing videos and attending the Clinical Conference in October 2017, Green Club members took a chance in winning a trip to the EAOO Optometry Conference in sunny Croatia. Three of them won this prize and now look back at some interesting days with their profession in the spotlight!

It was quite a long time to wait for this amazing possibility to join EAOO conference. But it was really worth the wait. I enjoyed every second of the journey!Tiina-Kaisa Aaltonen, Finnish Green Club member

First thing the winners encountered was that Pula is not an easy place to reach from Scandinavia. It took a long trip with three to four transfers for Eva Hemmingsen from Norway, Tiina-Kaisa Aaltonen from Finland and Lennart Edin from Sweden to reach Pula. During the trip, they were accompanied by Jan-Erik Erixon, Professional L&D Manager for Specsavers Sweden.

The first day the delegates had some time to explore the city of Pula, with as most noteworthy attraction, the ancient Roman amphitheater. 

Day two was conference day! The conference featured speakers from all over the world, such as keynote speakers Lluïsa Quevedo (Professor at the School of Optometry in Terassa, Spain) and Nicola Logan (Aston University, UK). The lectures during the three day conference varied from dry management and OCT techniques to screening of visual functions.

One of the highlights was Mile Bruijik’s lecture on “New Combinable Contact Lens wear” in which he showed us a lot of things including new tools to clean the eyelid edges.Lennart Edin, Swedish Green Club member

Eva Hemmingsen, Green Club member from Norway, looks back at a great conference: “I attended lectures with various themes, like sports, binocular vision, contact lenses, diabetes and others. There was something for everybody – and I refreshed my knowledge on some themes, and learned something new about others. On top of that, I’ve made new friends with whom I hope to stay in touch with!”

This year’s Green Club competition
At the Clinical Conferences this year, we will award a number of Green Club members with a similar trip again. If you want to know how you can compete, keep an eye out for Green Club member emails.

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