We want your input for Dr. Jan de Laat’s Clinical Q&A!

Dr. Jan de Laat delivered an engaging lecture on innovations in audiology during the Clinical Conference in Utrecht. Exclusively for Green Club members, he is presenting a follow-up video in which he will be answering questions you might have! These could be regarding his lecture on the Clinical Conference, or anything else you would like to hear his thoughts on.

If you have a question, you can leave it by filling in this form. Make sure you do so before the 4th of November to make sure your question will be included in the videos we will produce. This can be done in English but also in your local language.


About Dr. Jan de Laat
Dr. Jan A.P.M de Laat studied physics at the Technical University Eindhoven and conducted his PhD research “The perception of fluctuating sounds by hearing-impaired listeners” at the VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam. He is employed as clinical physicist – audiologist at the department of audiology (ENT) of the Leiden University Medical Centre. He teaches “Audiology” at the Department of Clinical Technology at the Technical University in Delft. His scientific expertise is the development and application of new diagnostic tools for hearing impaired children and the elderly, both electrophysiological and psychophysical. He is a board member and scientific advisor to various institutions such as the National Hearing Foundation and the Foundation for Audiological Education, and as an audiologist connected to schools and institutions for deaf and hearing impaired children, and those with neurological disabilities. He is the author of many articles and chapters in international papers and books.

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