Valentine’s Day: The art of flirting with our eyes

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We all know how important our eyes are. Not only because we work with people’s eyes on a daily basis, to make sure they get a better sight. Also because our eyes are much more than sight alone. Especially for Valentine’s day, we highlight the art of flirting with our eyes!

Eyes are probably our strongest flirting tool. Looking at someone a split-second too long, having to blush from a penetrating look – that is what eyes can cause. Research from Specsavers in The Netherlands under 12,000 people shows that 83 percent of people finds that eyes play an important role when flirting. For Dutch people blue eyes are favourite: 46 percent finds these are the most attractive, followed by green (26%) and brown eyes (23%).

It just takes one second…
Making eye contact can be very intense, and we prefer to glimpse or avoid eye contact longer than one second. Therefore it’s also very easy to flirt with your eyes – just watching a second longer to someone and you’ve sent the message across. Nice fact: if you find something nice or beautiful, your pupils become wider. So if you’re looking at someone who has wide pupils, that means that person likes you.

Facial features
We do not only look at the colour of someone’s eyes, we also watch how someone looks. The same research shows that having sparkling eyes is one of the most attractive facial features, after beautiful teeth. The full list:

  • Beautiful, straight teeth
  • Sparkling eyes
  • Eye colour
  • Symmetric face
  • Dimpled cheeks
  • Long eyelashes
  • Full lips

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