Sami Hämäläinen won a weekend away

Sami Hämäläinen, store partner at Specsavers Mikkeli (kauppakeskus Akseli) in Finland, won a weekend away last year through the competition at the SCC. This summer, he and his wife went to Copenhagen.

Sami: “My wife and I had a lovely weekend away in Copenhagen at the Scandic Copenhagen Hotel in July. We spend the weekend visiting the sites by bike, which is great in Copenhagen. We saw the Little Mermaid statue, many churches, parks and canals. As we have kids, the rest of the time we just enjoyed each other and good food, like the typical Danish open sandwiches (smørrebrød).  It rained heavily when we went to Tivoli, but that was ok, we’re not so much for the speed and heights anyway.

So again, a massive thank you for this amazing prize!”

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