Life is a beautiful sport

If you think Lacoste only makes polo shirts, think again. Their product range extends from jackets to trousers, from shoes to socks and from perfume to eyewear. Now, some of Lacoste’s frames have been added to the Specsavers’ product portfolio.

Revolutionary brand
More than 80 years ago René Lacoste cut off the sleeves of his long-sleeved shirt that he found hardly appropriate for a game of tennis. A small gesture that changed the world of contemporary sportswear and marked the birth of the iconic polo shirt. The launch of the Lacoste brand was a true revolution back in 1933 and it quickly became known all over the world.

The polo shirt in an eyewear collection
The frames are authentic, sport-inspired, comfortable and colourful – or, as Lacoste puts it, “the polo shirt in an eyewear collection”. It goes without saying that the crocodile emblem is an essential part of all frames.

The collection is almost for everyone: every family member should be able to find their own Lacoste frame for any occasion. For self-confident, style-conscious and – of course – active people. For men, women and teens looking for unpretentious elegance with a twist. And for an understated modern, everyday look.

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