Green Club members enjoying the BCLA Conference

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Every two years the BCLA (British Contact Lens Association) hosts UK’s largest Clinical Conference and exhibition dedicated to contact lenses and the anterior eye. This time in Manchester, the event attracted more than 1,000 UK and international contact lens professionals, from senior to students.

Four Green Club members had the opportunity to join. Sara Ali from Sweden, Trine Olsen from Denmark, Jähja Bapiiri from Finland and Jorn Seim from Norway were the lucky winners of the Green Club competition on last years’ Clinical Conference. The Green Club arranged the trip, including the conference, travel and accommodation.

This conference was a truly global gathering featuring the very best speakers on the subjects that matter most to 21st century eye care professionals. To see so many countries from around the world represented in both delegates and speakers proved the enduring international appeal of the BCLA.Outgoing BCLA President Sunil Shah

This year’s conference focused on contact lenses, myopia management and dry eyes. Just one of the great examples was the "Mini Global Specialty Lens Symposium" chaired by Dr Eef van der Worp, which brought together contact lens specialists such as Carina Koppen (Belgium), Elise Kramer (US) and Langis Michaud (Canada). They presented research on RGPs, scleral lenses and the art of soft lens fitting. They shared interesting facts like that scleral lens use in some cases can increase intraocular pressure by 5-18mmHg. Interesting to keep in mind when dealing with keratoconic patients at risk of normal tension glaucoma.

Besides the clinical content, the Green Club members valued speaking with peers from other countries to talk about their experiences and learn from each other.

All together the conference fulfilled my expectations and then some more: I learned more about different areas in optometry, got to meet new people and made friends with the other Green Club delegates. A big thanks to Specsavers Green Club for this opportunity!Jähja Bapiiri, Green Club member from Finland
It was inspiring to be amongst doctors, professors and last but not least the other countries’ winners; to learn about the similarities and differences of our jobs as optometrists was interesting. I feel like I have gotten new colleagues and I look forward to meeting them again around Europe at other conferences.Trine Olsen, Green Club member from Denmark

Together for better eye care

Interested in attending another conference in Northern Europe?

The Clinical Conference 2019 provides a full-day programme with informative lectures and practical presentations from eye care professionals and plenty of time to catch up with your peers. And, you can earn CET points while you’re at it.

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The conference takes place on the following dates. You can find more information and register for free for the date and venue of your choice at

  • The Netherlands: Sunday 6 October, Media Plaza, Utrecht
  • Norway: Tuesday 8 October, Clarion Hotel The Hub, Oslo
  • Denmark: Wednesday 9 October, Bojesen Axelborg, Copenhagen
  • Sweden: Thursday 10 October, Radisson Blu Waterfront Conference Centre, Stockholm
  • Finland: Friday 11 October, Scandic Helsinki Aviacongress, Vantaa

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