Humour combined with a look into the future: a great Norwegian combination

Insight in the future of optometry and how technology will bring new opportunities to the profession, together with an introduction to Specsavers and a great laugh – that were the ingredients of the Valentine’s day student event at HSN Kongsberg.

All Kongsberg optometry students were invited to the event, kicked off by country director Henning Eriksen with Specsavers’ vision and ambitions, how the world of optometry changes and how Specsavers deals with that.

“We work in an industry that is in constant development and one that will change radically in the years to come. That is why it is so important that Specsavers and students as well as our competitors work together to meet these challenges. Alone we can not ensure that optometrists get the role they deserve in the health industry, so we need to work together with the other chains and Norway’s Blind Association to achieve this. If we want to influence how the future will look we need to stand together.“Henning Eriksen, Country Director Specsavers Norway

To break up the afternoon, the Norwegian stand-up comedian Terje Sporsem came to the stage for a great laugh – making fun of optometrists in general, generalising men and women and more.

I found the event very interesting and insightful. It was great to learn more about Specsavers vision and ambitions for the future and to meet the country director of Specsavers Norway.Third-year student

The afternoon ended with a more serious and professional note: the future of optometry. Trine Johnson, optometrist and Head of Professional Advancement at Specsavers, talked about how technology will change the profession, how she sees this as a positive change and which opportunities it brings. Specsavers wants to drive the change in the optical industry and all optometrists play an important role in the medicalisation of the industry.

In the morning before the event, second-year students could attend a student course on customer communication by optometrist and L&D professional Åshild Martinsen.

I attended both the student course in the morning about customer communication and the afternoon event. I especially liked hearing about how optometry will look like in the future. And it was great to have a break in the middle where Terje performed!Second-year student

Check out the video to get a summary of the day.

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