Dutch optics student awarded with title ‘Student of the Year’

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All across Northern Europe, the next generation of opticians, optometrists and audiologists is working hard to finish their studies. It’s great news for the fields of audiology, optics and optometry that we can welcome enthusiastic newcomers to the profession every year. To celebrate these students, the Specsavers Academy in The Netherlands initiated the ‘Student of the Year’ competition.

In this competition, all optics and audiology students from the Specsavers Academy were invited to deliver a business case to their peers. The winner would be rewarded a trip to the Professional Advancement Conference (PAC) – one of the biggest clinical events in the United Kingdom and the British equivalent of the Northern European Clinical Conference

This year, three students presented their business cases to the panel of experts. Loran van Rest (teacher at DHTA), Simone Stad (Professional Advancement Manager Northern Europe at Specsavers) and Annemarie van Heesen (Professional L&D Manager at Specsavers) carefully selected the winner based on the presentation and the Q&A session afterwards.

And the winner is… Lise Hofman, working in the Specsavers store in Maastricht! Her presentation ‘Hearing with your eyes and seeing with your ears’ focused on research done by, among others, the University of Groningen in which they discovered that pupils not only react to light but also to words. One of the effects she mentioned was the McGurk effect, also referred to as an auditive illusion, which shows the importance of the combination between the words we hear and the movement of the lips we see.

Congratulations Lise!

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