Clinical Conference 2018: eye and hearcare for everyone

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It was that time of the year again to welcome the optometry and audiology industry to our yearly Clinical Conferences in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands. About 2,500 optometrists, optical dispensers, audiologists, optometry and audiology students from both Specsavers and other companies visited the conferences this year. Professionals who stand behind our vision and want to bring better eye and hearing care to the high street and help the many.

All participants had the opportunity to advance their skills, approaches and techniques for everyday clinical challenges, and also got inspiration on how to improve communication with both customers and other healthcare providers. Two eye care professionals who travelled around Northern Europe to be the key-note speakers at the conferences are Harrison Weisinger and Philip Morgan.

Communication between optometrists and GPs
Last year, Professor Harrison Weisinger – Global Professional Services Director at Specsavers – spoke about future scenarios in the eye care industry, while this year’s lecture focused more on the present: how can we get more influence in the healthcare industry. One of the things optometrists could do better is improving the communication with general practitioners (GPs). GPs usually don’t know much about eye health, and don’t have the right equipment for examinations, so it’s important they know where to refer those patients to. Professor Weisinger explained how we as optometrists could do more to improve the way we are perceived by GPs – that is by engaging in dialogue with them, in their own ‘language’.

Want to see Professor Weisinger’s lecture once more or show it to a co-worker who couldn’t attend the conference? We will publish his lecture in a few short videos on the Green Club website soon – exclusively for our members. Keep an eye on our website or wait for our newsletter with more information.

Happy contact lens customers
Another key-note speaker this year was Philip Morgan, Professor of Optometry, Head of Optometry and Director of Eurolens Research at the Manchester University. He spoke about strategies for ensuring that the number of first contact lens wearers who drop out, will reduce, and how we could turn them into happy customers instead. Strategies backed up with research and knowledge about when these customers drop out – and why.

Philip Morgan’s lecture will also be published in bite-sized videos at the Green Club website. If you’re a member, you’ll receive more information in your inbox or at this website soon.

Something for everyone
The conferences featured lectures for both optometrists and optical dispensers – and at the Dutch Clinical Conference, also for audiologists. Subjects varied from detecting signs of common eye diseases such as AMD to communication during the customer journey, from diabetes to frame advice, from myopia management to hygiene in the optometry practice, and from hearcare accessories to referrals to ENT doctors. All conferences had something for everyone – not only during the official programme, also during the breaks: lots of good food, company from industry peers and a variety of stands that showed the last products and trends in our industry.

Optometrists play a vital role
Research from the World Health Organisation tells us that about 80% of visual loss worldwide is avoidable. Early detection and timely treatment of eye conditions and diseases can reduce the number of people suffering from avoidable blindness. We believe that optometrists play a vital role in optimising vision and eye health in our markets – but we need to prove ourselves so we can make a difference.

Through continuous education, improving knowledge and an ongoing evolution of our skills, we believe we can truly prove that optometrists can deliver consistent, high quality and necessary services. For that reason, we organise our yearly Clinical Conferences – and open it up to everyone in our industry in Northern Europe.

See you next year
The Clinical Conferences will be back in 2019 – mark these dates in your agenda:

Sunday 6 October 2019

Tuesday 8
October 2019

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Thursday 10 October 2019

Friday 11
October 2019

In the meantime, keep an eye on the Facebook page and the Clinical Conference website for updates and information.

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