About the Specsavers Green Club

Are you a member of the Green Club yet? There are many great benefits to the (free) membership:

  • You get access to an online library with many clinical and professional articles and online training modules to stay up to date or to refresh your knowledge. You can even earn your CET points by reading these articles and completing the online test. All from home or on the go and from any device you like.
  • You can view videos and can participate in online webinars about interesting clinical topics, as well as informative topics around e.g. customer service.
  • You are invited to the annual Specsavers Clinical Conference with national and international speakers on subjects related to eye and hearcare.
  • You get access to many different development opportunities, like management and communication trainings, but also clinical and technical courses. This will help you stay up to date and further develop yourself. (Only for Specsavers employees.)

Who can join the Specsavers Green Club?

  • Qualified opticians, optometrists, contact lens specialists and optical dispensers
  • Optician and optometry students
  • Qualified audiologists (only applicable in the Netherlands)

We welcome people that work for Specsavers, as well as professionals and students that work elsewhere, to join the membership.

Join now!

About Specsavers

Did you know that Specsavers is a family-run business? Doug and Mary Perkins, both optometrists, founded the company in 1984 from behind a ping-pong table in their spare bedroom, and are still involved in the business. Their children are also part of the business: John is now joint managing director and Cathy is audit manager. Daughter Julie was the country director of the Dutch business for over 11 years.

Doug and Mary had a clear vision when they started the company: to sell high-quality frames at an affordable price. They wanted their company to have the service and feeling of a local entrepreneur, however with the purchasing power of a large international player. In this way, the costs saving could save the customer money. And that is what happened…

Family values

Engagement, passion, responsibility and honesty are values being cherished at Specsavers. As a family company, we want to build something for the longer term, with a foundation of cooperation, partnership and sharing successes. Our store directors and employees share this feeling and show this on the shop floor. This differentiates us from other, often shareholder, companies, that have a short-term vision and often focus on the shareholder results rather than on the longer term.

Specsavers is the fastest growing privately-owned company in the world with more than 1,800 stores in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Australia and New Zealand. We are currently market leader in seven countries and striving to reach market leadership in the other countries too.

You can contact us at

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