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Myopia: a growing eye health problem

19th January 2018

The number of people suffering from myopia is increasing – it is now the fastest growing eye defect worldwide. Expected is that in 2050, half of the world population is short-sighted, which is five times | more


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Occupational progressives

12th March 2018

Although the majority of computer users are pre-presbyopic, there is evidence to suggest that there is an increase in computer and technology use in presbyopes, with 87% of people aged between 55–64 having internet access. | more

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Vitreoretinal surgery: Part 3

1st February 2018

This review examines some of the more common potential complications associated with pars plana vitrectomy (PPV), including their prevention and management. It is important for the practicing optometrist to have an awareness of the benefits | more

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Vitreoretinal surgery: Part 2

25th January 2018

Vitreoretinal surgery is a specialty that has rapidly progressed and continues to incorporate new technologies and techniques. The spectrum of vitreoretinal surgical indications has grown because of the increased availability of finer gauged instrumentation with | more