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Optometry quiz: Test your knowledge

22nd September 2019

Always wondered how knowledge compares to other optometrists across Northern Europe? Or just interested to keep on learning? The quiz, developed by Danish ophthalmologist Dr Danson Muttuvelu, will be available on the Green Club platform | more

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Optometry atlas: overview of pathological conditions of the eye

20th September 2019

This optometry atlas, developed by Dr. Juha Päällysaho, O.D. Ph.D, Professional Services Manager Specsavers Finland. The atlas will give you an overview of pathological conditions of the eye, including images (fundus, visual field and OCT), and if available, links to videos with more background information. An incredible and useful tool for all opticians and optometrists who see an array of customers every day!


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CET point

Anterior segment physiology and assessment

15th August 2019

This article serves to remind the optometrist and contact lens optician of the general procedures involved when examining the anterior segment with a slit lamp and to highlight the wide range of physiological findings in | more


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Harrison Weisinger: Transforming eye health

7th December 2018

You can now relive the key-note lecture at the 2018 Clinical Conferences by Melbourne-based Specsavers Professional Services Advancement Director Professor Harrison Weisinger, who spoke about why it is important for optometry to engage with GPs.

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TrentTalk: KPI’s

31st May 2018

After a successful TrentTalk series last year, we will again post a number of videos where we share food for thought on different topics within retail. Trent Scanlen, former Specsavers retail director, will give you | more